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OWSTimer Service : “There is time /or date difference between the client and server” in SharePoint.

Hi, I was getting “There is time /or date difference between the client and server” whenever I was trying to run SharePoint 2010 timer service. I looked into many posts but most of them were referring to Server time and Client time difference on the network , although they were pointing to the right side but that was not the case with me, I had different situation.

I had some Timer Jobs deployed onto onto web application, and OWSTimer service is required to run the Timer Jobs “also known as” schedulers.

Solution :
After some Research and development and some investigation, I went to central administration, then from Application Management into Manage web applications. Into that General Settings of specific web application.

I set the default time zone of that web application same as of Machine. Then started the SharePoint 2010 Timer service.

This worked out for me. !

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