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Deploying custom timer job on SharePoint farm – Troubleshooting

January 4, 2012 Leave a comment

I was working on SharePoint timer jobs and was stuck into it.

Scenario :

We have web app level feature having timer job which runs on all the server in farm.
I changed few logic’s in custom timer job code. New logic is running only on One of three server. (App,WFE1,WFE2).
I deployed the solution on app server using wsp builder and stsadm commands.

Solution :

copying the solution from

Cached Assemblies!

Any time you update your custom timer job class and deploy the assembly to the global assembly cache, you must restart all the timer services in the farm. If you don’t restart the timer service, it will run the old copy of your timer job class. Yes, the timer service caches the assemblies. Restarting the SharePoint timer service is the only way to refresh the assembly cache and force it to use your updated assembly.

After restarting OWS Timer service on all servers , it worked out for me 🙂 HuRraY..

Special thanks to Mr. Shoaib Adil for assisting me.