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Cannot create Content Database with Domain Account , Installing MOSS.

It took almost a day to install MOSS on my machine. Previously, I had SharePoint 2010 server on my machine , then I switched to MOSS as it was requirement.
In nut shell , Every time it continued failing on step 2 ‘Cannot create content database’.
In logs there was nothing special, I was using domain account and it already had all the required rights for MOSS as same user was running SharePoint 2010 server.

After googling so many blogs , I red a statement ‘ if you have Microsoft Office Installed then un-Install it’.
I thought to give it a try as except this every thing ‘rights and permissions ‘ were as expected.

I un-installed the Microsoft office and ran ‘SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard’. You know what ?

It worked as a charm without any error Smile.

So It is good to install Microsoft Office after SharePoint Smile.


Set App Pool Identity from Central Administration.

Today going through different tasks a situation arises where I had to set the app pool identity from central administration. Its important to mention that I have SharePoint 2010 Server deployed on my local machine. Setting Identity from IIS , then to web applications and then to advance settings and identity was a task which was in routine but to set it from Central Administration was a new one.

“Every thing whether small or big , if it gives you opportunity to learn something is great.

That was new thing for me , so I googled Smile. Some were showing commands and some were saying its not there.
Finally in a post , sorry as I just missed the Url of that, I found the solution. Its so simple and worth sharing for those who are now familiar with it.

Following are the steps to set app pool identity from central administration

  1. Open Central Administration.
  2. In Security Section click onto Configure Service Accounts.
  3. Now select the app pool of which you need to change the identity.
  4. then click on Register New Managed Accounts.
  5. Here provide the username and password.
  6. After its been successfully applied.
  7. Reset IIS.

Congratulations , You have learned a new thing today Smile.